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Anchored Cannabis is your go-to cannabis shop in Fort Lauderdale, offering the highest quality hemp-derived goods. Whether you are brand-new to the cannabis lifestyle or you’re a seasoned pro, you’re sure to find something at our Fort Lauderdale cannabis dispensary to elevate you! No med card required! We make a range of different product styles, because we know that variety is the spice of life and that everyone has their own favorite method of consumption:


Anchored Grape Kush Preroll

A time-honored way to enjoy your cannabis! Smoking flower can not only be a special ritual or a way to connect with friends, but it also gives you effects quickly. It doesn’t last as long as ingestion, but this allows easier control over dosing and the ability to get a little hit when you need it most. We carry several special strains of THC-A and Delta-8 flower in Fort Lauderdale’s Anchored Cannabis.


With vaping, you can get the same fast effects and easy dosing as smoking, without drawing attention or creating much odor. Vaping offers customization opportunities with lots of delicious flavors to choose from. Our cannabis shop in Fort Lauderdale carries a range of vape cartridges as well as disposable vapes in yummy flavors like cotton candy, pineapple, grape, berry gelato, wedding cake, and more!

CBD vape pens


For experienced cannabis users, dabbing can deliver a potent high. Our selection of flavored cannabis concentrates can take you straight up to the clouds. Just grab your dab rig and one of our pure, powerful concentrates, and enjoy! Anchored Cannabis carries concentrates in THC-A, Delta-8, and HHC/Delta-8 blends.


Edibles give you the ability to enjoy the euphoria and relaxation of your favorite cannabinoids, while also savoring a tasty treat. Edibles, since they’re processed through the digestive tract, last longer and are perfect for extended relief. We make a huge range of edibles in varying doses, including gummies, chocolates, sodas, candies, honey, and even popcorn!

NO MEDICAL CARD NEEDED. Get Elevated. Stay Anchored.

Anchored Cannabis interior

Your Trusted Cannabis Shop

You deserve the highest quality cannabis products on the market, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at our cannabis dispensary! You don’t need a medical card to shop with us, and all our products comply with current federal regulations. Come down to our Fort Lauderdale cannabis shop today and find your new favorite ways to expand your senses!